Karate Training In Canada

Traditional Karate was introduced to Canada by Masami Tsuruoka. Often referred to as the father of Canadian Karate, the Canadian born Tsuruoka studied in the 1940's under Dr. Chitose one of Japan's leading instructors.

After returning to Canada in 1954, Mr. Tsuruoka organized the first Karate competitions ever held in Canada and laid the foundation for the formation of the National Karate Association (now Karate Canada).

Karate Training In Canada

In 1964, he  and four other instructors incorporated the National Karate Association (NKA - now Karate Canada) in the cities of Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal, and Quebec. From its humble beginnings the organization grew, through the dedication of its founding members, to its present size.

Today, Karate in Canada has become a highly organized activity. Karate Canada represents various styles of traditional Karate in all ten provinces and three territories. Recognized as the national sport governing body of Karate by the Federal Government, Karate Canada is eligible for funding from Sports Canada. Karate Canada promotes and develops traditional Karate throughout Canada and Canadian Karate competitors are currently recognized at the international level

Affiliated with:

Ontario Karate Federation
Karate Canada
Japan Karate Association
Canadian Olympic Committee