Sensei Jones, a 6th dan black belt, is the technical director of the dojo. We have three other senseis, Sensei George Taylor, Sensei Leo Cossetto and Sensei Jon Juffs, who are each 5th dan black belts who have each been training for 40+ years.

In our dojo, to earn the title of sempai the member must be a 3rd degree black belt or higher and a teacher. Sempai are also on our grading panel for testing the black belts and set an example for karate-do as a lifestyle.



Senior Instructors

Sensei Cossetto

Sensei Juffs

Sensei Gossen

Sempai Collado

Sempai Longhurst

Sempai Diyari

Sempai Jackson

Sempai Usher

Sempai Ferkranus


Affiliated with:

Ontario Karate Federation
Karate Canada
Japan Karate Association
Canadian Olympic Committee