Kali, Escrima or Arnis

Kali, Escrima or Arnis

The Bituing Hilaga Kali De Leon Training Group

Kali De Leon (KDL) is a Filipino Martial Art (FMA) system founded by Guro Jun De Leon, includes Escrima or Arnis. It is based on the creative but disciplined use of various weapons including, but not limited to, sticks, knives, improvised weapons and empty-hand techniques.  More than that, KDL is the melding of battle tested traditional techniques with modern teaching methodologies. KDL offers a complete curriculum built upon progressive skills development that has been shown to both quickly advance and deeply inspire each and every KDL student.


If you are interested in becoming a KDL student, there are a few things that you must first consider. We are a close knit family training in a serious weapons based system. In order to train in KDL, each prospective member must go through the following steps:

  1. The prospective student must call in advance and arange to visit and observe a training group session.
  2. After observing the class, if the prospective student is still interested in joining they will be interviewed by one of the training group leaders. Only after passing the interview will the prospective student be invited to join the group.
  3. KDL is open to participants 18 years and older.


Affiliated with:

Ontario Karate Federation
Karate Canada
Japan Karate Association
Canadian Olympic Committee