Sempai King

Julie started her training in the late 80's in Belleville, ON with now 8th Dan Hanshi Kenzo Dozono, the technical director & president of SKIF of Canada.

In the mid 90's, Julie and her husband Kevin Jackson started a loving family and successful Internet business.  She resumed her training under Sensei Jones in early 2002 at Brad Jones Karate Do, achieving the rank of Shodan in 2005, Nidan in 2007 and Sandan in 2010 including JKA equivalency rankings administered by Sensei Saeki and Sensei Tanaka.

Julie enjoys competition and regularly succeeded at provincial tournaments ultimately going on to compete in Team Kata at the provincial, national and international levels.  She  eventually went on to compete at the Pan American and World levels with teammates Mabel Hsin and Josephine Chen.

Since her return to training Julie had the opportunity to train with many talented Karate-Ka, both at the dojo and through travelling to many places in Canada and abroad. Her training and travels have taken her to Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Alberta, Venezuela and Japan. The highlight of her tournament career was her trip to Japan where she and her team competed at the 19th World Karate Championships in the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

Julie has also participated in many JKA training camps in Toronto, Ottawa and even Cuba to expand her knowledge of Karate-Do. She now enjoys helping new up-and-coming athletes prepare for competition as a coach of Brad Jones Karate Do's tournament team, the Shotokan Tigers.

Affiliated with:

Ontario Karate Federation
Karate Canada
Japan Karate Association
Canadian Olympic Committee